In fact, we are all witnessing time. Some forget; some remember. After a while, those who remember are also forgotten. Just as we have witnessed the time, we all migrate from this world when the time comes. What remains are those who recorded this unique testimony and their records. Photographers and their photos… – SA.

Sefa Arslan

A product owner, and photographer living in Istanbul, Turkey, with his wife and son. As a photographer, he mostly shoots landscape, street, and documentary photography.

After studying Management Information Systems (MIS) for three and half years long at Kadir Has University (with full scholarship), in January 2014 he’s graduated from the university a semester earlier, as the top graduate of the Department of MIS, and he was granted with “Best Graduate of Management Information Systems” award.

He also has studied Master of International Finance & Participation Banking at Istanbul Zaim University, and currently, he’s studying Master of Geographical Information Technologies (Thesis) at Istanbul Technical University.

As a full-time occupation, he is a Product Owner at Fimple.

His photography journey has been started when he was 16. In his very early career in photography, his first camera was an early version digital Samsung camera. After using Nikon DSLRs from 2012 to 2018, he is now using Fujifilm X series cameras to perform his art.

You can follow him on Instagram to see more frequent updates and photos.

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